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  PG Diploma Courses
INTRODUCTION :Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary science comprising various facets of Biology. This course provides a advanced theoretical and practical aspects required for a Biotech industry.
MODULE I - Microbial Biotechnology
1. Fundamentals in Microbiology
2. Sterilization Techniques
3. Microbiological culture media and its importance in Biotechnology
4. Isolation of Micro-organisms from air and soil
5. Pure culture preparation
6. Identification of organisms by
a. Staining techniques
b. Biochemical tests
7. Growth curve
Applied Techniques
1. Antibiotic assays
2. Mutational studies by Replica plating method
3. Bacterial conjugation
4. Screening for Enzymes
5. Antogonism studies
6. Isolation of protozoa from samples
7. Isolation & Identification of fungi
8. Production of secondary metabolites (Acids, Wine, Enzymes, Antibiotics)
MODULE II - Recombinant DNA Technology
I. Fundamentals   II. Applied Techniques
  1. Isolation of plant DNA SDS method,C-TAB method
2. Isolation of RNA
3. Isolation of animal DNA
4. Isolation of Plasmid DNA
5. Isolation of genomic DNA from prokaryotes
6. Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of DNA
  1. Tm of DNA-Melting point of DNA
2. Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
3. Elusion of inserts from the Gel
4. Restriction Digestion
5. Ligation
6. Transformation
7. Gene cloning and expression
8. Southern Blotting
9. Western Blotting
10. PCR Techniques
MODULE III - Fermentation and downstream Processing
I. Fundamentals
  1. Fermentation Fundamental
2. Submerged fermentation
3. Solid state fermentation
4. Fermentation systems
   a. Conical flask
   b. Vessels
   c. Fermentors
II. Applied aspects depends on the desired products
  1. Down stream processing
  a. Extra cellular
  b. Intra cellular
2. Cell separation techniques
  a. Centrifugation
  b. Membrane filtration
  c. Cell lysing
3. Isolation /Purification of desire products
  a. Precipitation techniques
  b. Solvent extraction
  c. Dialysis
  d. Ion exchange chromatography
  e. Distillation
III Analysis of Metabolites/Products
1. Thin layer chromatography
2. Melting point determination
3. Spectrophotometer determination
4. Titrometric
5. Electrophoresis
MODULE IV - Immunological Techniques
I. Agglutination and Precipitation Methods   II. Gel diffusion Methods
  1. Blood grouping and Rh typing
2. Fibril Agglutination test(Widal test)
3. VDRL Test/ RPR
4. Hbs Ag Test
  1. Ouchterlony Double Diffusion
2. Single Radial Immunodiffusion
3. Immunoelectrophoresis
4. Counter current immunoelectrophoresis
5. Rocket immunoelectrophoresis
Eligibility : B.sc. / M.Sc. (all Streams of Life Science) M.Phil., B.E. (Biotek / Chemical)    
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